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There was a tomato
and he was in quite a pickle,
he couldn’t decide
whether he was fruit or vegetable.

Then one sunny day,
a pickle said to him
“Come now fair tomato
there’s no need to be grim.”

The tomato blushed red
like a baked red potato
“But I don’t really know
how to be a tomato.”

The tomato was confused,
he didn’t understand.
Life was playing hot-potato
with him in its hands.

“I simply can’t decide
what type I want to be,
fruit or vegetable
is the choice up to me?”

And that’s when the tomato
finally seized the day
he decided to catch-up
and make things okay.

“I am a tomato
and that’s all that I am.
Not vegetable not fruit
not dairy not ham!”

So if you’re a tomato,
don’t feel so dejected
tomatoes are tomatoes
they just want to be accepted.